We will research, on your behalf, pre production locations for television commercials, movies,
television programs, promotional videos and other shootings.
From pre production location hunting, arranging location vehicles, negotiations and various applications
for permissions, we will support you in every way.
Please feel free to call or email us anytime.

  1. Contact Us

    • Have an image of a location?
    • Is this shoot possible?
    • Is there a location suited for your plan?
    • Short-handed on staff?

    Please contact us with any questions.
    We will make anything happen.

  2. Meeting (by mail or phone)

    We will propose a paln for our stocked materials after
    going over your schedule and content

    1. If our plan is not of your image

      We will research pre production
      location coorination.

    2. Meeting (by mail or phone)

      We will propose a new plan with images, videos,
      and a schedule that fits your needs.

    1. If you like our stocked plan

  3. Location Hunt

    We will send our staff to the location to further coordinate.

  4. Applictaion for Permission(s)

    Proceed with various applications (administrative institutions, private institutions, etc.)
    Arrange vehicles.
    Arrange acommodations, meals, staff and extras (if needed).

  5. Shoot (Filming)

    We will support you in every means for your shoot.