Location BusPrices

  Basic Charge (Up to 8 hours) Excess Charge (For each addtioinal hour)
COASTER/LIESSE (29 seater/25 seater) Y50,000 + Tax
(Y54,000 Tax, Gas Incl.)
Y4,000 + Tax
(Y4,320 Tax, Gas Incl.)
COMMUTER (14 seater) Y35,000 + Tax
(Y37,800 Tax, Gas Incl.)
Y3,000 + Tax
(Y3,240 Tax, Gas Incl.)
COMMUTER (10 seater) Please contact us for prices
※No additional fees for pre/post inspections
Replacement driver service Y25,000 + Tax
(Y27,000円 Tax Incl.)
Y2,500 + Tax
(Y2,700円 Tax Incl.)
High-altitude working vehicle operater Y30,000 + Tax
(Y32,400 Tax Incl.)
Equipment vehicle (5 seater) Basic Charge (Up to 4 hours) Basic Charge (Up to 8 hours)
Y14,000 + Tax
(Y15,120 Tax, Gas Incl.)
Y26,000 + Tax
(Y28,080 Tax, Gas Incl.)
Excess Charge (For each addtioinal hour) Gas Fee Over 300km(For every 1 km)
Y2,500円 + Tax
Y2,700 Tax, Gas Incl.)
Y90 + Tax
(Y97 Tax Incl.)

Location CoordinatePrice

  Basic Charge (Up to 8 hours) Excess Charge (For each addtioinal hour)
Location Coordination Y35,000 + Tax
(Y37,800 Tax Incl.)
Daily Fee

About Price

We do not charge gasoline and mileage fees.

Cancellation charges are as follows;
1 day prior from midnight to 7pm: 50%.
1 day prior from 7pm onwards: 100%.
(Price is based on the "Basic Charge")
About advanced payments.
We charge for toll roads, parking and accomodation in advance. (We will not charge gasoline fee)
Starting point of calculation is not from the point of assemble but from roll call and the end is at call-over and not at the dismissal time. Calculation is rounded off within and over 30 minutes.
About the number of drivers on board.
If we will be expected to drive for long hours, it is the law that we must change drivers or have two drivers on board (separate cost).
(Please click here to view regulations in Japanese)
About Replacement Driver
Please bring your own vehicle (a rent-a-car is also okay). In case of accidents, we will use your insurance and within your insurance range.